2nd Annual Canty Awards

It's the Oscars! Ya know, the... better one...
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"Oppenheimer" Review: At Long Last, Nolan Has His Great Movie

In Christopher Nolan's sprawling biopic, the father of the atomic bomb finally finds cinematic resolution.
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Every Oscar Best Picture Winner, Ranked

Where does Oppenheimer's epic ambition fall... other than Japan?
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Mary Needs A Man: Evaluating the Stalkers of "There's Something About Mary"

Mary's picker is a tad off, so I'm stepping in to find her perfect match.
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Review: "All of Us Strangers" Is a Thoughtful Inspiration to Accept Life's Tragedies

Andrew Haigh delivers a heartbreaking knockout in this honest, forthright drama.
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Retrospective Retrospective: "1917" Is An Awe-Inspiring Technical Masterclass

It occasionally prioritizes style over substance, but Sam Mendes' acclaimed passion project is a cinematic marvel.